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I'm surprised they aren't doing convoys already--the piracy problem has been a big problem in that area for several years now. I'm glad the SEALs got the Captain back. I think the US just sent a huge 'don't screw with us' message to Somalia's pirates. We won't negotiate, but we sure aren't going to let the pirates take our guys with impunity. Seems like a rather old strategy, not sure why H. Clinton called it a 21st century solution. Nice soundbite I suppose.

Still, the pirates are going to resort to piracy as long as it pays off so well. They are going to continue to flaunt Somalian law (or be encouraged in their piracy by the gov't under the table) as long as they make more money than they feel the risk entails. I'm not sure what can be done that is as lucrative as piracy in Somalia, or most of the world, for that matter, short of owning Saudi oil fields or Microsoft.

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