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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Actually, While Garfield does not have a legal leg to stand on, there is SOME validity to what he's talking about. If Lucas were to hear about Anti-Semitism on this board, HIS lawyers might be able to intervene as this board by extension is representative of his works. The Family Guy episode Blue Harvest was told NOT to include a line about Jewas because it could be damaging to the brand.
Senate and Kavars exist to keep comments and threads on hot topics in only two spots on the forum, both of which sorta have warnings on serious discussion.

While most completely serious brand forums are missing a serious discussion forum, I'd take a bet that the staff at LA are competent enough to realize the need for them and the kind of discussions that can take place.

Also, why is the fact we're talking about the Jewish faith such a sudden hot spot? We've been talking about gay marriage, abortion, presidential elections, religion, etc for years now but suddenly the Jews are off limits?

No offense, but there have been attacks on Christians, Atheists, Muslims, etc in both Kavars and Senate and in none of those times can I recall someone throwing "this could get the forum sued!" into the discussion.

Although, it has just been Garfield doing it and he's proven in a few threads that hes very pro-israel so this is probably less of a problem of getting attacked by lawyers than it is just the ramblings of someone without an argument.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Luckily there's no "anti-semitism" going on on this board. One cannot claim that legitimate, intellectual and academic criticism of a religion equates to "anti-semitism," which is an intense dislike and prejudice against the Jewish people. I'm not criticizing the people but, rather, their religion.

The beliefs of the religion have been placed into question, and so has the morality of figureheads of faith in said religion. I don't recall anyone saying "I hate jews!", and if they did I'm sure ET, Skin, Jae, or some other mod would have something to say about it.
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