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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Yes yes, You're not being anti-semitic. However you are being VERY insulting to the Jewish. I mean you're only equating to the heroes of their faith to Hitler.
And Garfield has said that atheism is the cause for the holocaust and the soviet union deaths, which makes us even as far as expressing our ideas goes I think.

Would you prefer if I compared their genocidal heroes to another genocidal figurehead? Hitler is the easiest to come to mind, but hardly the only one.

But, frankly, if they don't want the figureheads they worship to be compared to a mass murderer... well, they shouldn't be worshiping figureheads that committed mass murder.

Maybe that is harsh, but if you don't want people to call you wet you probably shouldn't of jumped in the pool in the first place.

But, again, I ask why this is a hot button now that we're talking about the Jewish faith. I seem to recall comparing the Christian god to mass murderers in a few threads and not getting this much heat.

Why are we treating the Jewish faith like a fragile vase when everything else seemed to have been fair game?

Originally Posted by Tommycat
Hey Maybe Hitler was a Jew, since none of that takes place in the New Testament.
Possible, but he does seem to have a soft spot for Jesus. Didn't he call him an Aryan savior in Table Talk or something?

Originally Posted by Tommycat
And True_Avery, I thought I said that in my first line... the whole Not having a legal leg to stand on part. But if the board is perceived to be anti-semitic, it COULD cause problems.
And the abortion, gay marriage, presidential election, etc threads were all fine but mentioning that some jewish figureheads are/were/possibly mass murderers is wrong?

Wasn't the original point of this thread claiming that Hitler was a Christian and that the Nazi's were predominately Christian? Where was the anti-christian lawsuit claims there?

If dissecting the faith of a single religion in a serious discussion forum is enough to get lawyers on our back then... wow.

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