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Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
Prison simply makes someone a financial burden on society in addition to being a moral burden on society - and often times will amplify the latter as well - so that that we can all beat our chests and proclaim that justice has been done, when in fact, we've merely weakened our society as a whole.
Which is why we need to have prisoners doing some kind of work that will benefit society while they're in prison, given the product scares from China, they could do product testing. If they die, oh well. If they don't, they're providing a valuable service to the country.

As well, criminals who are to be released soon after their crime or in the far future, should be taught job and social skills, and educated. Now, I'm not talking about a high-dollar university-level education, but many criminals don't even have basic high-school educations, sometimes less. And it would go a long way to reforming them to educate them in general knowledge and work skills, like a mechanic or a gardener or a stock-boy. Simple but useful.

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