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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
But, again, I ask why this is a hot button now that we're talking about the Jewish faith. I seem to recall comparing the Christian god to mass murderers in a few threads and not getting this much heat.

Why are we treating the Jewish faith like a fragile vase when everything else seemed to have been fair game?
Meh, It's because of WHO and what that psychotic SOB did to the Jews. But honestly.. in today's letigious society, would it surprise you?

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Possible, but he does seem to have a soft spot for Jesus. Didn't he call him an Aryan savior in Table Talk or something?
Pity more people haven't actually read the contents therein. They seem more willing to battle over semantics of non-related issues than actually read a reference material on the subject. And some are even willing to shift the focus completely away from the conversation at hand into legal realms. Realsm which I might add are purely futile at best.

And incidentally, Hitler acknowledges the existence of Jesus, that does not make him Christian. Muhammad acknowledges Jesus too. That doesn't make Muhammad a Christian. Hitler claims in Table Talk that Jesus was an Aryan, then the Jews created Christianity around him. That to me sounds an awful lot like someone who is not a Christian.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
And the abortion, gay marriage, presidential election, etc threads were all fine but mentioning that some jewish figureheads are/were/possibly mass murderers is wrong?
Meh, I'm just more or less going by what was expressed about being nicer to the Jews than all of the other groups that might have been upset at Blue Harvest. Seemed to be more willing to protect their interests. Then again, It's still thin at best, and totally off topic.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Wasn't the original point of this thread claiming that Hitler was a Christian and that the Nazi's were predominately Christian? Where was the anti-christian lawsuit claims there?

If dissecting the faith of a single religion in a serious discussion forum is enough to get lawyers on our back then... wow.
Again, in this society more willing to throw lawyers at people than actually read, would it surprise you? Incidentally I would rather this returned to the topic. Claims of lawsuits bore me to tears....

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