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Not completely Skin, As mentioned elsewhere God appeared to have changed between the Torah and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, that god was a vengeful angry god. However in the New Testament he changed into a squishy lovable god. So when referencing god per the old testament you should be more specific. Or, you could just write out YHWH and not have to worry about stating explicitly Judeo-Christian as the name would imply it. Technically the REASON behind Christ being born was so we didn't have to do all the crap from the OT. Most Christians don't even understand that much though. They follow the Church though Jesus was opposed to the Church....

It really makes a difference when you are talking about translations as well. If you are talking about translating from Hebrew, you are talking about the old testament, well more specifically the Torah. When you say Christian God, you are talking about both the Torah and the books written in Greek by the Apostles. I would think someone in the field you are in would have a better grasp of knowing which translation to use.

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