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Originally Posted by Camo-Man 07 View Post
That is great!
To bad I never play FM. being a guy it feels kinda wierd... lol
Would it be possible to use KSE to make Bastila look like that if I have it installed?
i always imagine kotor character with movie character face:

carth= han
bastila = mara
canderous = jango/boba
mission = aayla
juhani = assaj/aurra
hk47= super battle droid
t3 = r2d2
jolee = qui-gon/ rahn
malak= vader
saul = tarkin
bandon = maul
vandar = yoda
zhar= obi-wan
dorak= mace
vrook=ki adi

and theres luke head for male and leia head for female.
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