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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
The truth is that it bothers Garfield to have his beliefs criticized, examined, and questioned. Since there's no rational rebuttal that he can muster (he's clearly out of his element when the discussion isn't simply trading political rhetoric back and forth), he choses to play the "hate-crime" & "anti-semitic" card in an effort to just get everyone to shut up. Its a dishonest and pitiful tactic.
For the record, I'm not Jewish, if I was once you went on that comparisonfest of yours, quite frankly, I wouldn't have bothered to point that out publicly here, I would have sent a letter of complaint to Lucas Arts and inform them of the situation and let George Lucas' lawyers deal with the situation.

Quite frankly you pretty much violated the board's own rules in some of your comments, which were highly inflammatory, and since you're a moderator it makes it look like the staff of this board endorses your views, that opens them up if a Jewish Group decided to take legal action and they'd have every reason to file a lawsuit. And if you think they don't how about you look up the holocaust on wikipedia or something.

As far as not having a rational argument, you should really look in the mirror, all I'm going to say is that you crossed the line in your latest bashfest of people who aren't atheist.

And if you want to know why I'm so furious, it's because I have friends THAT ARE JEWISH, and I know how hurtful and angering your latest rant would be.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Meh, It's because of WHO and what that psychotic SOB did to the Jews. But honestly.. in today's letigious society, would it surprise you?
Well the fact he compared key figures in the Old Testament to Hitler whom tried his best to wipe the Jewish people out, the fact this occurred less than 100 years ago and some holocaust survivors are still alive makes his comments no laughing matter, and some people quite honestly the comments being made are such in my opinion they'd have legit grounds to sue.
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