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((Everyone that's in Harding's car, we're in the city now.))

While still driving in Harding's police car, Melissa glanced around, and saw that half the city was destroyed. She gasped. "Oh no..." Suddenly, she remembered that she had her cell phone inside one of her boots.

The young girl took it out, and began to call her parents. After 4 rings, the phone answered. "Hello?" a woman's voice could be heard.

"Mom?! Mom, are you and dad okay?"

Her mother, Janice, said, "Don't worry, sweetie, we're in the basement. It's locked. Good thing we live in the quiet neighborhood, and not in the city. Plus, we saw everything on the News, so we're safe."

Melissa was relieved to her that her parents were all right. "Did you call Kalvin and Trace's parents?"

Janice replied, "Yes. They're here with us. Are you kids okay? We heard you all were missing, I grew so worried."

"We're fine, mom. We'll be there in a little while with the police."

Janice's voice sighed sadly. "Be safe, child."

Melissa nodded. "I will, mom. We all will." After that, the phone call ended, and the young woman closed her cell phone with a sigh.
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