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Complete bollocks. Your Jewish friends (and mine) have nothing to worry about. For the umpteenth time, I've not said a bad word about Jews or the Jewish. I've criticized their religious superstitions which is my right. My views no more reflect those of LF or LA any more than if I criticized Democrats and Liberals or Global Warming. Anyone who would think they do or perceive it to, is either being dishonest or they're just ignorant.

The fact that you're not Jewish has no relevance in your unfair expectation that religious criticism is off-limits and questioning or criticizing superstition is off limits because someone might get offended. You don't worry when you criticize liberals and democrats... they have beliefs too, you know.

You're being dishonest and cowardly in your approach to intellectual discourse. I suggest if you dislike discussions that are willing to critique religion and religious beliefs, you might avoid the Senate Chambers.

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