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Well, take it one step further, why should you care about any life that doesn't intersect directly with yours (and even perhaps some that does--like the people you hate)? All those people in the Sudan? Who cares....they may be "people", but they apparently can't fend for themselves vs their environment, so why care if they live or die. India? Same thing. As you point out, we already have 6+ billion people on the planet.... Same goes for death row. Give "people" a limited appeals process, especially in cases like the kid in Pgh or mumiya jamal and then extinguish their "carbon footprint" (however miniscule) in the name of the environment or some equally spurious reason. Hell, you can even skip the cost of coffins and let them be "recycled" by the earth directly. And if overpopulation is such a big deal, why even stick around. It's not like you're going to live forever anyway and once you're dead you won't know you did yourself in in the first place (unless there is an afterlife in the end). So many variables, so little time, so few answered (answerable?) questions........

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