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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Its still the same god. Yahweh didn't step out for "God" in a tag-team style match. They're the same guy. The fact that Judeo-Christian literature and mythology reads like a different god is because the perception of this god evolved with the zeitgeist of the moment. This is easy to do when the god isn't really there to begin with and Jews/Christians/Muslims weren't the first to experience evolutions in their deity. Other cultures have as well.
Because BOTH religions still exist. One sacred text is used in both, since you are talking about a text that does not recognize Jesus the Christ(the original Hebrew Torah) it is incorrect to call the god the Christian god. The Torah is included in the Bible, but it is still the primary text of a religion that does not recognize the Christian faith as part of it's own and therefore using the term Christian in translations of the Torah is incorrect.

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