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Hello, thanks to Marius, who handed over a copy of your little program, I gave it try and its pretty neat.

I've peeked at some creatures and character model, but also tried some of my own area models.

It all seems to work
EDIT: Sometimes though I need to alter the background color, or the rotation speed to get the rendering back.
Often I just get an empty window, showing my desktop.

And now and then I encounter the black models, most of my weapon models are so... though they appear ok in the game.
Its weird

Makes me happy I can check my area models without starting the game all the time.

Though perhaps on that specific topic, area models.

Would it be possible to implement a zoom function, so I can get closer
Or better, a full moveable camera; though that might be to much to ask.

Its seems to run smoothly on my PC, though a bit quircky, if another window or program passes over it, the rendering seems to go faulty a bit.

Anyway great job, I hope you continue to work on this


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