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Looking at the Table Talk letters, clearly Hitler had some mixed thoughts about Religion and spirituality. He was definitely critical of the way Jewish people worshiped:
"The Jew, on the other hand, worshipped and continues to worship, then and now, nothing but the golden calf. The Jewish religion is devoid of all metaphysics and has no foundation but the most repulsive materialism." (Hitler, Table Talk, p. 77)
And he was critical of believers in church dogma:
"As for the men close to me, who, like me, have escaped from the clutches of dogma, I've no reason to fear that the Church will get its hooks on them." (Hitler, Table Talk, p. 62)
But then you stumble across something like:
"When one says that God provokes the lightning, that's true in a sense; but what is certain is that God does not direct the thunderbolt, as the Church claims. The Church's explanation of natural phenomena is an abuse, for the Church has ulterior interests. True piety is the characteristic of the being who is aware of his weakness and ignorance. Whoever sees God only in an oak or in a tabernacle, instead of seeing Him everywhere, is not truly pious. He remains attached to appearances— and when the sky thunders and the lightning strikes, he trembles simply from fear of being struck as a punishment for the sin he's just committed." (Hitler, Table Talk, p. 84)
In the quote above he seems to hold an a priori acceptance of not just a god, but "God" with the capital "G." He also indicates that he believes in "true piety" and that God can be "everywhere."

He also seems to hold an acceptance that "Christ" was a real person: "Christ was an Aryan,..." (Hitler, Table Talk, 143). And he also expressed his interest in biblical mythology, particularly those "delicate topics":
"I had a particular liking for the delicate subjects in the Bible, and I took a naughty pleasure in asking embarrassing questions. Father Schwarz, our teacher, was clever at giving me evasive answers. So I kept on insisting until he lost his patience. One day—I've forgotten with reference to what—he asked me if I said my prayers in the morning, at midday and at night. "No, sir, I don't say prayers. Besides, I don't see how God could be interested in the prayers of a secondary schoolboy." "Sit down, then!"" (Hitler, Table Talk, p. 189)
Two things can be derived from this quote (assuming these are his true words): 1) he spent a lot of time analyzing the parts of biblical mythology that most theologians avoid (i.e. genocides and democides); 2) he was once a Christian. The quote below shows his belief in God (with the capital "G") at the time of World War II:
"What is ruining Christianity to-day is what once ruined the ancient world. The pantheistic mythology would no longer suit the social conditions of the period. As soon as the idea was introduced that all men were equal before God, that world was bound to collapse." (Hitler, Table Talk, 336)
He sees a god as existing and superior to humanity. He just doesn't believe that modern organized religious dogma has it right.

pp. 341-344
"Man must be put in a position to develop freely the talents that God has given him."
Hitler makes many comments and statements that affirm his belief in a god, but rejects the Judeo-Christian version of religion as flawed, a lie, etc. If we take his private letters as evidence (and I see no reason not to), we can conclude that Hitler was a Christian at least until 1933 (p. 343); that he believes in a god, possibly the Christian god; that he was not an atheist. At best, Hitler is a pantheist, believing god is in "everything," but other notions he writes of divinity and superiority seem to indicate a monotheistic god.

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