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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
And Garfield has said that atheism is the cause for the holocaust and the soviet union deaths, which makes us even as far as expressing our ideas goes I think.
No, because you guys have claimed that Atheism isn't a religion, are you now saying Atheism is a religion?

Originally Posted by True_Avery
Would you prefer if I compared their genocidal heroes to another genocidal figurehead? Hitler is the easiest to come to mind, but hardly the only one.

But, frankly, if they don't want the figureheads they worship to be compared to a mass murderer... well, they shouldn't be worshiping figureheads that committed mass murder.
I have two things I could justifiably call you back up by those comments alone, considering the Jewish people is not only a group that all practices a particular religion but are also a specific ethnic group.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
He also seems to hold an acceptance that "Christ" was a real person: "Christ was an Aryan,..." (Hitler, Table Talk, 143). And he also expressed his interest in biblical mythology, particularly those "delicate topics":
There is enough proof out there to prove Jesus was a real person, saying Jesus existed doesn't make Hitler a Christian, because the Romans acknowledged that Jesus existed when they weren't Christian at the time...
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