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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
There is enough proof out there to prove Jesus was a real person, saying Jesus existed doesn't make Hitler a Christian, because the Romans acknowledged that Jesus existed when they weren't Christian at the time...
Please. Start a thread and post this evidence. I challenge you to post any evidence that doesn't cite itself (i.e. the biblical mythology) and is contemporaneous to the alleged Jesus.

Again, and on topic, Hitler believed Jesus existed; believed god existed; had a Christian education. He renounced Christianity (his own words in a private letter/discussion) in 1933, apparently (again, looking at his own words) because he didn't like the way organized religion portrayed his god and his messiah (he saw Jesus as an Aryan).

Hitler was definitely not an atheist. He was definitely Christian at one point. He was probably a believer in the Christian god and Jesus (mythical beings, but believed they existed according to his writings). He also admitted to being fascinated by the things in the bible that other religionists ignored and overlooked (like genocides and democides). Therefore, one can conclude that Christianity influenced his behavior and it is even probable that he justified his actions viz a viz the murderous and genocidal behavior of Moses, Joshua, David, et al. -characters in biblical mythology. QED.

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