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They will continue until they make the mistake to annoy someone really powerful to the point where they get the **** beaten out of them. While Germany takes part in the EU operation "Atlanta", which is mainly a show presence act, Russia for instance has military ships guiding their ships secretly, "obviously" not with the intention to show presence but rather to strike against the pirates. And, when the pirates captured the Saudi Arabian "Sirius Star" in late 2008, fully loaded with Saudi Arabian oil worth about $100M, groups of Islamists were after the hijackers of the ship of a "Muslim nation".

Dozens of Somali Islamist insurgents stormed a port on Friday hunting the pirates behind the seizure of a Saudi supertanker that was the world’s biggest hijack, a local elder said. According to reports, the insurgents are hunting the pirates for hijacking a Muslim nation's ship, which in their eyes, is a crime that can't go unpunished.

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