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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Like I said, I was "willing" to restrict it. I also said I was willing to debate if you posted "your assertions that Jesus Christ, as depicted in the bible, actually existed and what evidence you have to support that assertion."
The only reason I posted this topic was because of the restriction part. I want an intelligent conversation not a liberal member pile-on.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
But when you didn't stipulate a desire to debate one-on-one and when you moved the goal post to "just a guy named Jesus who was a teacher," there really wasn't anything left to debate.
My contention is that Jesus the man, is the Jesus that is in the Bible, how much of it is real is a matter for debate. What I find interesting is that many archeologists try their darnedest to prove any ancient literary work to be complete and total garbage, only they end up with egg in their faces. Another thing to consider is that there are people in the Bible that did not have 'supernatural powers' and you can also argue that most of those people didn't really have those powers but they prayed to God, and God answered their prayers. The loan exception I believe is Jesus, and even then he often prayed to God.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
It seemed prudent to move Achilles thread here since he posted just seconds after yours.
The first post of his fine, the following posts of jmac and Achilles, uh no.
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