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I agree with everything Jmac has said...

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Agreed. Do yourself a favor and dump the bloatware/spyware sell-you-out-to-the-recording-industry schlock that is WMP. I don't know what anyone else here uses, but I use this for all of my media needs. Once it's configured correctly nothing beats it, IMO.
You mean you use VNC Player, you can't actually play anything directly using the K-Lite codec pack...

And from what CCCP claims, K-Lite is crap.

Originally Posted by JesusGonnaOwnYouSatan
now if tuneup (and other programs that do the same thing) is actually useful, if it's function is actually solving a valid problem,the programs are not a useless ripoff, and the praises hundreds (thousands-?) of people all over the world are singing about it are deserved, then my second argument still stands and i come to this conclusion: "itunes does not have a comprehensive autotagging functionality for non itunes ripped/bought music and i am not an idiot for wanting that function in itunes. "
Unless your retagging your entire 40 gig library your not going to need auto-tagging in iTunes. If you have the physical ability to "Shift+Click" you have the ability to tag an entire CD in under 5 minutes.

I know this from mainly because, believe it or not, I actually enjoy tagging my music as much as listening to it.

I've used Safari and IE, yeah, to download the Firefox 3.1.

I don't like Safari, I've even used it on a Mac, I just plain don't like it.

As for Chrome, I've used it, liked it, but found it to unreliable, I've had times when Chrome's told me I've been banned from my school's website, yet works fine in Firefox and IE.


Those two CD's were BY FAR the worst tagged CD's I've ever downloaded. The only thing I had to change was that "Blood Sex Sugar Magik" had it's artist field tagged as "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" rather than "Red Hot Chili Peppers."

I actually own those two CD's, but I still find it easier just to download them. I'm running a Thinkpad, which has a CD drive that not only sounds like a Buzzsaw, but also heats up enough to make you sweat.
Oversharing! --Jae


I think iTunes has took a step in the right direction by getting rid of DRM. The problem with DRM is you feel like your renting something rather than actually buying it.

Sadly, this does nothing for the actual quality of the music artists are pumping out, for every "Mars Volta" and "Wolfmother" theres three "Fallout Boy" (Not to be confused with Vault Boy) and "My Chemical Romance."

Mallcore is wrong in every way.

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