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Well clearly not everyone tries to get the full value out of their games...twits...I mean, why bother spending money on something only to rush through it, not understanding what is going on - for heaven's sake deciding outcomes and environment (like Bastila and Carth appearing) through choices is one of the most appealing things about the series!

I can understand those who have only played it once, maybe even twice, having missed it, but I can't abide those who rush through and ignore dialogue...especially if they later claim the game was lacking story or was too short...

And that individual in the last exchange - what an arrogant swine! Sure the back of the blasted box even says it was five years later! Though, I doubt one can put much faith in an individual that claims a game developer told them something which is just undoubtedly, indefensibly wrong without even extracting a little bit.

Originally Posted by A L I E N
My sentiments exactly.

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