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((Just as a note, i'm not sure whats going on ))

Trace smiled and nodded his head. Knowing his parents were safe made feel a little more at ease. Now they needed some way of stopping the attack upon the city before things got really out of hand. Either the human race was about to enter the 'apocalypse' or the werewolves has to be forced back into hiding.

He slouched in the chair resting his head back and closed his eyes. After everything his mind was tired and he needed a break. Slowly his mind drifted into an unconscious state known as sleep.


Kalvin sighed heavily, last thing he wanted to do was go see his parents. He was releaved none the less to know that they were still alive. They were still his parents even if he didn't want to see them, he still cared about them and didn't want them to be killed. He figured while everyone else went into Melissa's house he'd stay in the car, out of sight out of mind.

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