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.................Who the eff is Revan? What, is that person a snail?

@ thread: Damn. As one of my lady friends said about bad drivers: People just don't F***'in LOOK anymore. You could put it RIGHT_IN_FRONT_OF_THEIR_FACES and they *still* don't see it. Makes you want to SMACK them upside the head. Doesn't it? However, when people say "whoops, I guess I didn't read it", since I can't smack them upside the head through the monitor, it really makes me want to cuss them out.

OR at the very least if I want to be a snarky smartass, as EnderWiggen has said once before to someone else (and made me )
Well...That just makes me all sad inside.
You know Shem, I actually understand why you 'seem' so irritable on youtube. *So* many people are so "twanked" they miss your info and humor. Which is a pity. You actually have quite a sense of humor, big fella.

...I would already have sent you an invite on youtube except I am afraid some of my prior commenting habits elsewhere might disqualify me from even commenting on yours. --Though I don't believe I've ever annoyed you on YT. Not on purpose anyway. I'm also afraid to say the wrong stuff and sound all n00b-ish.

"I wasn't counting cards, I was cheating."
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