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Actually now I can recall something SW related that was nerdy to the extreme.

Those residing in CA near Sacramento will know what I am talking about:
I went to SAC CON back in 2007 and met C. Andrew Nelson.

In case you dunno who he is I'll give you a hint. Played parts in a mid 90's "remake" of some older films. SW films. The parts he played were as a certain character. That character was tall, domineering, wore black, and had a respirator, all while dueling with a red lightsaber.

And I even got an autographed picture from him.

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Oh my god... you people are true nerds! I thought your kind only existed in the minds of the stereotype-believers The geekiest SW thing ive ever done is just watching all the movies in a single day... And i watched 3 and 5 twice I was sick at home
Yeah, right. Sure you were.

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Certainly. Yer welcome.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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