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I'm mad as hell--but what can I do about credit interest rates?

OK. I don't know who all here has had credit cards recently. We know in this bank bailout era that the banks are getting huge chunks of $$$. (No, I DON'T want this to become a political bashfest, PLEASE-TYVM!) However, they now see fit to start changing their business practices around and stuff. Translation: we jerk your rate up to 25% APR; you can object and keep it low, however, you must not use the card anymore after such and such date and blah-blah-blah.

I've been thinking...I have never been late with my accounts wth these people. I have not even charged 1/3 of my total credit line--EVER. I talk with them on the phone. They don't care "we're keeping this as is and that's that".

So basically customer loyalty and performance doesn't matter to them. Good business records don't matter? What the ****?!

I depend on it for things like unforseen large bills, occasional maintenance and upkeep on my car I myself cannot do. (more like major services and repairs) Or much more like emergencies (general, medical, etc.), or tuition. How I'll survive is my problem. However, I see this is happening all around. I guess this hurt is gonna hafta be a part of our lives now. Mine. Yours. EVERYONE. So the ability to live even HALF comfortably is now COMPLETELY flushed down the toilet.

However, I'm just curious how many of those are fellow LF'ers out there, going through something similar. I guess this is an invitation to vent and bitch about how the banks are hell of screwing us over. What are your stories? Are you or is someone you know facing this kind of C.R.A.P.???

Mine is I'm just some dude. Working, figuring out what I want to do in life, the usual. Only some discretionary spending. Occasionally a little event here or there. I don't vacation much if/when I do get breaks. I live a rather clean life too (makes up for my partying childhood)--NO I'm not religious.

I guess this means it doesn't matter if you've been good. You're gonna pay dearly, now.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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