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Heeeeeeey! You talked about Zombies! I demand to know why a Zombies Ate My Neighbors and its sequel Ghoul Patrol doesn't have a forum area in the classic gaming zone... or even its own area...I like horror.

Madcat controller? I'd love to find something like that. I love fight games too.

Agreed, LeXX: Enough with the kid crap, Lucas.

That was my gripe with Capcom: I grew up with the megaman franchise. IT NEVER EVOLVED WITH ITS BASE CORE AUDIENCE. That really turned me off about it. It kept reverting to cute little kid stuff. Half arsed attempts at improvement. I love retro, I even don't mind the rehashed stuff of retro. But for the love of god...I mean really. Content? Something with higher-than-kiddy-dialogue?

Sorry. Just had to rant. But anyway, yeah, I would say to Lucas...don't sell out to little kids, PLEASE! Remember where you came from, and the folks who MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY! Rich, famous, semi-immortal.

Towards the end of the cast: I *hate* how they make games with nickel and dime unlockling. It really is a scam. Especially when it comes to functionality of the game--it's like...I have to pay EXTRA to complete the game? I'd be hella pissed.
It's already catch 22 given the fact it's got DL content to pay for.

The whole reason behind eventually making stuff available free: Margin of diminishing returns w.r.t. profits and charging.

@ GTA Lost and the damned: so it *was* worthy? OH I'm gonna hemmorage. Even for just a download. I don't have XBOX live, I hardly use my 360. I'd SO welcome this. With GTA4 now on PC, though, is going to be modded by fans soon enough. Check out filefront. They talk about that here and there.
(well of course I keep up on GTA games, look at my name)

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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