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For Windows XP and Vista:
There are a couple ways to do this, so try 'em both out to get the desired results.

Option 1:
Under "Start," go to programs, and then look for a folder titled "startup." You can drag-and-drop programs into this folder and they will start when your computer starts. (you can also remove programs from the folder if you don't want them to)

Option 2:
1) Click "Run"
2) Enter "msconfig"
3) Then click on the "startup" tab
4) Click and choose which items you want to have startup with your computer

For Windows Vista only:
1) Go to control panel
2) Go to "Programs" where it says "Change startup programs"

(if you have Windows Defender turned off, it won't work)

Warning: Some programs may be essential for proper startup, security or use of other programs so make sure you only select the programs you want to be turned off/on.

Hope this helps!

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