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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
Hey boys and girls!

Glad you got a kick out of Episode 4. My favorite parts were towards the last 15 minutes of recording where Niner launched his rants about how a cell phone is a cell phone, get off my lawn! Niner is a very funny guy! Also remember though, that Niner is the one that makes these podcasts sound professional by cutting out all of our screw ups, and moving things around so they flow better in the cast. He is a pure genius at what he does!

Easter is over, so we are back on schedule with recording. Due to my job, and the powers that be, we are recording Episode 5 on Friday instead of our usual Sunday record time. That means Episode 5 should be up for download by Monday of next week. We will have most of the usual suspects on our discussion panel, with the exception of Darth Moeller, who has some serious school issues to tend too. If you have been wondering why Lynk Former has been absent, it is due to his new job which unfortunately due to Australian time zone differences, removes him from recording time. I am sure he won't be gone for good, but for the time being, we brought in acdcfanbill to take up his space on the recording end. Also, Boba Rhett will be back for Episode 5. I am sure Lynk will be back in time. However, after all, I did promise that there would be a "revolving door" of cast members between episodes. PLEASE keep the emails coming in, and continue to tell all of your friends about! The more fans we get, the more feedback, and the more topics we will address! And I promise you, no more KOTOR references in the next podcast!

Also, just curious, would you guys like us to do more audio effects like we did with the bit from A New Hope on Episode 3? They can be a bitch to put together, but we are always trying different things to make the cast more interesting to you folks. Keep those emails coming, and spread the word for us!
I'd love to hear something like the rogue squadron thing - i Laughed when Jae said "Jae Onasi, Standing by" - love her accent haha

..I have no ideas what to do apart from the rogue squadron though :P
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