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Firstly, a huge CONGRATS to Rhett on the engagement! Is she allowed in 'The Man Room'?? Don't ever allow her to put throw rugs and pillows all over it, like some gals are prone to do....

Wow. Ep4 was super! Good to see Rhett and Bill in there great to see edlib get a shout out and Im fast getting used to being mentioned without being mentioned(Rebel Assault crawl correction) Edit: heard it... sorry I missed it! Cheers for the mention Grooves
It indeed wasnt James Earl Jones, but I wouldnt rip on RA2s audio too much... considering it was designed for Sound Blaster 16 era hardware

The blooper reel was hilarious, as was groovys terrible Oz accent. It must be said that pulling off a less exaggerated Aussie accent(unlike Steve Irwins for example) is pretty hard. It's like how its easier to emulate a Texan accent as opposed to a Boston one, simply because we are used to hearing the Texan more from Tv, movies, news.

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
Also, just curious, would you guys like us to do more audio effects like we did with the bit from A New Hope on Episode 3?
IMO, that type of stuff is fantastic. It also maintains a SW element to the podcast. The opening/closing jingle is in a very different style, so having a little Star Wars nod would be fun to acknowledge what actually brought us to LFN

eg. just as an idea(based on something similar I heard elsewhere, but with yoda as the focus)
Following the opening jingle intro, you could add a little clip of a cast member doing Ackbars It's A Trap bit. The person chosen for this must have the worse possible Ackbar impression, which you could further reveal by playing back everyones effort in the blooper real.


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