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Originally Posted by Coolprogram
I ask what caused the Big Bang? They say molecules were jumbled up together and eventually escaped creating an explosion.
Well, most of all, technically, molecules come after the big bang.

So I ask what created the molecules. They say one of two things.
1. I don't know
2. They just are/did
3. Chemical reactions? Atoms?

So, if this is possible, is it not also possible that God just is?
From a certain aspect, it seems that everything "just is".

Or that God created what was or/and is?
It seems that the difference from "things just came into existence beginning with the big bang (or whatever, for that matter)" to "god just came into existence to bring things into existence eventually" is rather quite non-existent. Now, if you see god as simply the "first cause" to everything, big bang, the universe, multiverse, whatever there might be, whatever science might discover, there is not even the need to label god "a being".

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