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Question Any Hope Left for Radeon HD Users? JK 'n MotS Won't Work w/ Them!

I've looked, read, and submitted all over the place and can't seem to find a solution for this issue anywhere. A lot of the same explanations (or excuses) have been given though, such as a hindered bug / glitch of the bit depth z buffer in the latest video card driver software releases or that the newer video card hardware is no longer supporting bit dithering. It's been like over a year and a half since the ATI Catalyst drivers went out of whack with making a handful of the greatest LucasArts Star Wars games cease to no longer run, work, play, or display properly - in 3D acceleration.
I've also been asking myself this question a lot lately:
Is it mainly LucasArts' responsibility or mainly ATI's responsibility in handling fixing the situation? I doubt now that neither will ever do anything about it and we'll have to wait until someone still involved in the community comes up with a homemade patch or update. For me it's been definitely discouraging and frustrating having to wait without having to downgrade or rollback or build another legacy computer.

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