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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Great news. Thanks!
Compatibility would be the same for cards with the newer GT200 GPU as well. The architecture is very much the same as the older G92; there's just a lot more of it.
Originally Posted by Achilles
I'll take your word for it re: GPU, but the RAM increase is dramatic (8600 = 256, 9800 = 512, GTS 250 = 1GB). That's really the motivation behind my sudden desire to shop..
It's been argued that the G92 (the GPU on a 9800GTX/GTS 250) lacks the power to take advantage of that extra VRAM except in very specific situations, and that it's mostly a marketing gimmick (think 6200 256MB, if you remember that fiasco). I'll admit that I'm not 100% sure about it, myself, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time that either Nvidia or ATI has stuck a ton of memory on a less-capable card as a selling point.
Originally Posted by Achilles
Meh. I'm pretty happy with 1280x800 (or 1440x900).
A GTX 260 would reliably allow you to play most modern games at 1920x1200, and older ones at your monitor's native 2560x1600. Ask Astro about KotOR2 at 1600p. From what he tells me, it's awesome.
Originally Posted by Achilles
140 vs 160 respectively. I'm not unhappy with the card I have now, but it wouldn't hurt my feeling to run NWN2 with a few more bells and whistles either.
In that price range, I would definitely recommend the GTX 260, because it is a significant improvement over a 9800GTX/GTS 250. Just take a look at the number of stream processors (shaders) in their respective GPUs: 216 vs. 128. The GTS 250 would have to be sub-$125.00 to be worth buying, IMO.

It's basically all going to come down to your power supply and how much juice it puts out. You might have to get a new one for either card.

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