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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Don't buy **** you can't afford.
Add 'frivolous' and we can most definitely agree.

Sometimes large business purchases are necessary, though. Tools for construction--not provided for you. Also supplies for housekeeping. Maybe most of you don't do that kind of work. Sometimes several hundred to spend is necessary to keep work-life flowing. It compensates/pays for itself over short periods of time. This is kind of how business works.

@ my own thread: Funny how "always in motion the force is"... A solution has presented itself: Roll it over into a lower interest acct. Only happens w/ good credit. Which I believe RS above was implying, no? Certainly the only way to keep a good score in any case.

Anybody rely upon what I am referring to above, though?

How to survive in the real world? Many a book has been written there. It is largely subjective and relative to one's life experiences, no? I suppose we could go in generalization.

I guess what I'm getting at is the ridiculousness of it all. Does nobody have a BS with banks gripe?

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