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Thank you, and missing file...

Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
Sam & Max Hit the Road (Original artwork by Steve Purcell)

Bigger preview
Full size download (60x75cm @ 200dpi)
Thank you for all these great posters!!
But could you please reupload the Sam & Max Hit the Road poster I quouted above?
Because it seems like that file has been deleted from :-P
Originally Posted by
Datei nicht gefunden - File Not Found
Originally Posted by sanguinehearts View Post
As requested, Hit the Road with both logos

Full download
Hit_the_Road_-_Poster_logos.rar - 12.3 Mb
Btw, sanguinehearts did you use Laserschwert's version of the Sam & Max - Hit The Road poster when you added the logos? Since I wasn't able to download Laserschwert's version I can't verify this myself...

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