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Originally Posted by Q
Are you kidding? This is his lair
lolz... now I have a lair A trait common among arch criminals, satanists and despots.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
I do. I have the SN27P2.

Edit: *reads*

"New for 2006...". My baby is not old!
oooh....a kindred spirit

Ive got, and am now stuck with the very same model It still works super mind you, but is a bit limited from a GPU upgrade perspective.

The 400WPSU is not an issue for the 250 at all The only issue is the size of the case.

As the the SN27P2 is an older model, its support list is not updated on shuttle's site. The best other resource for all things shuttle are sudhian forums.

Ive had a quick squiz for you and it looks sorta promising One user reports sucessfully cramming the evga GTX 250 into his SD27P2(the intel version of the SN37P2)

see this thread for more info about the P/P2 chassis GPU limitations.

and this thread about the SN27P2 specifically Of course, you can always join and ask the specific question if need be. Im not 100% sure how identical the SD37P2 and SN37P2 are in terms of connector placement near the pcie - which is teh crucial factor. Youd want to compare notes with a SD37P2 owner first before forking out for the 250 The specific post by the user who has the 250 for his SD37P2 is here

I am currently using an 8800GTS 640 and dont have any difficulties with the type of games you mentioned, including at resolutions above 1440x900. I play mass effect at 1080p, NWN2 even higher, crysis at 1080p but uber effects dumbed down a bit I have to admit, since I discovered the EVGA overclocking app, I can get much more out of the 8800GTS than I believed possible, though I dont game that much to really test it out on a wider range of games.

good luck mang


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