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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Hey--we mentioned you by name, Astro. I've listened to the cast twice now and noted your name both times.
Drats! Another male multitasking failure! I was trying to watch a soccer match via sat when I was listening to it. I must listen again when time permits..

unless it's a Spanish R. I can make the Arabic sound 'ayn' but not a Spanish R. Go figure.
My partner has *exactly* the same problem. Im currently learning a bit of Spanish. Getting her to say brother = "hermano" [ERR-MA-NO] is one of my favourite passtimes.. she always says ELMANO. I dont think her tongue curls properly, which is a tragedy for me at many levels

Can you imagine me as a soprano Ackbar, though?
That and an Ackbar with a South London(IIRC) accent by Lexxy would also be quite interesting


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