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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Oh, I'm not contesting that it happened; I'm sure that it did. What I'm curious about its what came before it.
Technically speaking, the question is a non sequitur because there was no "before". Space-time began with the big bang, therefore there was no time "before" the big bang, therefore nothing could have happened.

Clearly this train of thought will only lead to bottom of a bottle of Tylenol, but I find it helps to realize that we are really sophisticated apes. When you consider that dogs can't learn Algebra, I think the fact that we can design cars means that we punch well above our weight.

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
I don't think that it would either, but it might show what the Big Bang was the result of, and what it came from.
We have hypothesis, but unfortunately, we lack the technology to measure on the scale necessary to test them. Doesn't mean that we won't. It just means that these are questions that might not be answered in our lifetimes.

Brane cosmology
Zero energy universe

I'm sure ET Warrior would have other great links as well.
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