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After his glass was empty, Gett left the cantina. He was still in shock that he had found a jedi here on Tatooine. It had been quite some time since he had fought with and against a jedi. Unfortunately the fight was over and Gett once again had nothing to do. He got back on the speeder and rode off. He had no destination in mind, he just felt like riding around in the speeder bike. He missed the glory days of the Republic. Fighting along side fellow clones, taking down battle droids, training with the jedi. Now all Gett ever did was go to cantina's and wait for something to happen. He hadn't seen another clone in a long time and he didn't expect to. He still followed the Mandalorian way and for that he was seen as defected in the Empire. Apparently they thought putting him here would straighten them out; Gett would prove them wrong. He parked the speeder along side some buildings and leaned against one. He had killed a jedi, a quick break wouldn't do him any harm.
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