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The dark figure shifted in his seat before seamlessly shifting into Huttese and replying, "We are neither oppressed nor accomplices to a mass murderer, but this is dodging the issue. If they should come for you sooner, are you prepared?" He let out a weary sigh and dropped something beneath the table.

"I hope you are," he said. "Do you know of Anahera Bek?"

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Patience, Ms. Bek." It was a holographic projection, clothed in black and wearing a black mask. "We apologize for the lack of names. Your former friends are getting harder to track down. Kaan Lumen is your next target, but based on intel from our agent's wire, he won't come willingly and he speaks Huttese. We have a tracking device at his table; lock on and go to him."

The transmission ended and Ana swore under her breath. "I don't know, Reddie. If I run into someone who doesn't wanna come with me, am I supposed to let them die?" A pause. "Oh, what would you know?"

She lifted a piece of equipment from the chair beside her and switched it on. After a moment, a bright green dot lit up and Ana turned to leave her ship, moving in the direction of the green dot.

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