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"I hope not," the man said in Basic. "For the sanity of the Galaxy, I hope not."

He rose and moved quickly out of sight.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

By the time Ana reached the street cafe, Kaan had plenty of time to have moved to a more secluded table, which was why Ana found his former table empty. Scowling faintly, she sat and pressed a heel into the tracking device, effectively crushing it. Surreptitiously, she reached out in the Force, hoping beyond hope that Kaan could be found somewhere nearby. But after a matter of seconds, she drew her power back in astonishment for she felt not one, not two, not three, but four Force presences in a relatively close range.

"What the hell?" she murmured. This was beyond what she'd signed up for. But now that she'd sat, it would do no good to leave the cafe immediately; it'd attract too much attention. No, she would need a drink, a conclusion she came to just as a waitress came to her table.

"Cup of caf," she ordered. "Thanks."

And when her caf arrived, she would sip on it slowly, and when her mug was empty, she would return to her ship. Perhaps then, she could get some answers about what had just happened... but for now, she sat, all traces of her ability in the Force drawn into herself, making her appear as just another random mercenary in a street cafe.

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