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Shawn kept both his sabers tightly in his grip as he watched Audax battle. The sound of they're sabers colliding with harmonious blows was some what soothing to him. He hadn't been in a battle like this in a long time, mot since the middle of the clone wars. And now he was facing a Sith, a apprentice to Darth Vader himself. Shawn kept his distance studying both mens movements and attack strategies. They seemed to be locked in a constant stale mate having one block when the other attack. They couldn't seen into the future of what the other would do. Audax moved his back further away from the wall pushing his unknown partner back. This gave Shawn an opportunity to try something else.

Shawn jumped high into the and did a thee sixty frontal spin while extinguishing his lightsabers. As he came falling down behind Audax he turned his body so the front of his body would be facing Audax's back. As Shawn made contact with the ground behind Audax he brought his arms down hard using the hilt of his lightsabers to crash on the back of Audax's head hoping to stun him or knock him out.

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