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As he clashed at his foes saber, Audax heard two sabers deactivate, and a few seconds later he felt a searing pain in the back of his head. He blinked a few times, trying to regain conciousness, but then fell down on the ground, knocked unconcious.

Audax dreamed of his childhood, when he had been attacked by slavers in the colony he lived on, he remembered when his parents were killed, shot in the head by slavers. He then used the force, in rage, to blow his enemies into the walls of the village.

He ran out in the forest, slavers chasing him while shouting terrible things. He bumped into a cloaked mans chest. When the slavers arrived the man pulled of his cloak, revealing Jedi clothing and activated his blue lightsaber. The slavers were killed in a few seconds.

Audax remembered people he trained with, one of them was called Shawn, and when his fellow apprentices became Padawans, while Audax was left behind. He was taken by a strange master who often disagreed with the Jedi Council, named Naeros.

But soon after his promotion to Padawan, the clones attacked, and Audax and his master Naeros fled to an outer rim planet. He remembered being found by a terrible being in black armor, Lord Vader, and Audax told the Sith of his masters location. He remembered being trained by Lord Vader, in the Dark Side of the force, and later being sent on missions to locate and kill Jedi.
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