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Amazing stuff Q, where did you source that deal from, thats a darn good buy for $50USD(after rebate)!

Originally Posted by Achilles
I really do appreciate all the work you've put in to helping me with this. Thank you.
When it comes to sourcing a bargain, Q is the man

@Astro: thank you, sir!
No probs... thats what we set up this place for after all. It was curious for me to come across another shuttle owner here, esp one with the same model.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
and this is the most sensible upgrade for a computer that's approaching 3 years old, IMO.
Whoa....has it really been that long. Man Im getting old Unless shuttle comes up with a high end Phenom supporting platform... my next upgrade may be to the SX58H7 which is an Intel only rig.... the shame of it. The two rigs I have that are intel have free (salvaged) or very cheap CPUs($30 for a celeron I put into a shuttle kpc for the missus recently), the thought of paying intel full price for one irks me

*goes off to search soul and ponder*


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