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Shawn looked down at Audax's unconscious body. Audax hand still placed gently upon his fallen lightsaber as he laid there. Bending down Shawn picked up the lightsaber almost feeling the sorrow that was imprinted upon it. He quickly threw it up into the air towards his unknown partner in the battle that had recently took place. Shawn was just pleased that the battle didn't end in death, that was something the galaxy could do with out for a day. So much death was occurring still all across the galaxy and no one was rising up to stop the brutality of the Empire. Of course who would be foolish enough to go against such a threat, when they're numbers were so few, and theirs so great.

Shawn sighed turning Audax over to examine him. As he examined the still very much alive body below him Shawn couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity with this individual. He knew he had definitely seen this man some where before, most likely in the Jedi Temple. Then it hit him like a bantha running him over a thousand times, sucking the air out of his lungs, this person couldn't have been. But he was, there was no doubt about it, it was him.

"Oh my friend what has happened." Shawn said with a sigh as he placed his two light sabers on the back of his belt.

Shawn grabbed Audax's arm an thrusted Audax over his shoulder. He stumbled backwards a little but caught his himself. Shifting the weight a little he started to walk to where he knew they would be a little more safer. He has a place in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa that he was rending under an alias. People kept to themselves so it was safe from prying ears of wanders.

"Follow me. We can talk more in private." Shawn said to the man that still had no name.

Shawn led the way down a few ally ways and corridors. Then into a building that looked rundown and had a few holes in the walls. It certainly wasn't made for kings, but he was positive that the empire wouldn't waste man power to search ever square inch of Nar Shaddaa from what he thought was just one Jedi. He continued up the stairs and passed two medium sized metals doors stopped at the third on his left side.

He punched in a few numbers and the door opened allowing them access to the room. Shawn walked over to the bed and laid Audax down upon it, leaving him there in his slumber. Shawn threw off his robe to the near by desk and sat in the chair closest to the desk. He rested his head back feeling a throbbing pain course through his skull. Closing his eyes he sighed.

"First introductions. I'm Shawn Kir'lince former Jedi Knight of the Republic." He said with a slight grin upon his face. Part of him liked the idea of using the word 'former' because it gave him a sense of freedom he didn't really experience while he was with in the order. In a way he liked the freedom of the rules that use to rule his life. Shawn still followed the rules he was trained with but to was extent varied upon the situation thrusted upon him.

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