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Ironically that's what I was doing. Unfortunately it has had to be emptied out for this debacle. But true, I always do keep an emergency stash just in case. Funny how my homies drinking gold schlagger don't understand why I come out of things half a "okay" as I do when all their savings is being drank away and leaving nothing but a hangover.

Hey, that driver didn't happen to be an illegal alien now did it?

I guess I'm playing the clerical trickster game w.r.t. credit card ratings and rollover. Don't like it but it's either this or the alternatives. There are smart legal ways to do things if you keep your head on straight and read between the lines.

I do listen to Clark Howard, and that Bob fella on 'Money Talk'. Lots of neat financial advice.

I've had the luxury of knowing rich people who have been successful. They have imparted jewels to me:

A neat little trick I have noticed from experience works well for upping your credit score (assuming you do keep your critical info on your accounts SAFELY locked away), pay the accounts off (possibly suspend them), but don't close them. See that way you still have a large "potential" credit line even if you don't use it. Watch them like a hawk, also. (Locking file cabinets anyone?)

Never have more than 1/3 of your total credit used up at any one time.

Keep the accounts from going away by occasionally buying a burger and then paying it right off the next billing cycle. Keep it around and the credit line available but unused. Looks really good at a glance for those who check your credit scores! hint hint
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