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Hmm...I think the show looked rather interesting, and was definatley exploring an interesting subject...but at the rate mankind continues to grow, it may be quite a bit before everyone breathes their last breath. At least, that's what I'm hoping, the future remains to be seen.

I can see that nearly everyone before just [i]had[i/] to point out the good stuff {grrr}, but everything said is very much a real possibility.

A few of my opinions...

A. The Environment and supporting our growing population

Seeing as mankind continues to progress and expand, we takeup more resources. Even as we try to find an alternative, the Earth can only support our size for so long, so sooner or later, when their are some ought maybe 30 billion, we may die, or have to leave, lest we crowd ourselves to death...

There is also natural disasters, as we've seen many many happen. Though I doubt this due to the fact that we haven't gotten killed yet...
B. {As many said..} War

In a disturbing way, war is actually what keeps the human race in check, so to say. It also maintains discipline and organization as well, as strange as it seems. I don't mean to sound pro-war, because it's absolutley horrible, and we've gotten better at killing eachother every time, but still, if we didn't, we may not have gotten as far as we have, or we may be overcrowded.

But still, we are not above accidently killing everyone, though I doubt that due to when wars happen, and one side is trying to exterminate the other, one out of the two usually survive. Though that side may be downsized, one side nearly always survives.

That's just a few, but alot of the others beat me to the others, perhaps more later. But from right now, viewing to the future, I think we may be here for awhile....

you very much
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