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Velmer watched from the high tower of a skyscraper. Standing right next to the edge, watching the city burn as battle raged across its surface.

He knew that he would spark a war, and it had worked perfectly in his favor. Now, either the humans will be pushed a little lower, or they'd trust Velmer to lead them, and crush the werewolves, and then Velmer would move against the humans.

But that was not the reason he was here.

His Grandson was the reason. He'd find him here. And he'd face him. One way or another, it would happen.

He then spotted Baldur, killing off a small group of Werewolves.

He smiled as he saw his Grandson relax.

He then leaped off of the tiring building and plunged down to the nearby low-rise buildings, landing softly on his feet.

Baldur was only three buildings away, so Velmer walked slowly forward.

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