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Anyone who rushes through dialogue on TSL is missing out on pretty much everything fantastic about the game. The depth of storyline, the dimension of the characters, and the very complex and realistic interactions that they share are almost completely reliant on dialogue, influence, and the ability to read. If you fast forward through even one line of Kreia's dialogue, chances are you're missing out on a brilliant and well thought out concept or philosophy on the Force, or the Jedi, or the Sith, that challenges the black and white conventions of earlier Star Wars canon in a way that could even be considered a redefinition of the Light and Dark sides themselves.

People complain that the love stories aren't very good in TSL, but just because there isn't a kissing scene, that doesn't make the emotions shared between the PCs, both male and female, and the crew members, any less moving or powerful. The scene with Visas and the male LS Exile before the battle for Telos can be completely skipped, but if you READ, and LISTEN, then you learn that the Jedi's condemnation of the exile is unfounded, that he merely represents what they fear to understand, life without the Force that still manages to thrive. It takes the concept of the Force being this all powerful energy that is vital to the galaxy, and makes it expendable; Visas reveals this through very riveting dialogue that couples reason and perspective with unerring emotions like love and caring. Not only is it a very pivotal revelation to the underlying themes and philosophies expressed in the game, the intimacy of the scene is palpable, and you can really feel the love she has for him, and her fear of losing him to her former Master, Darth Nihilus.

Skipping over dialogue impatiently can have negative effects on the game itself, but really, the most unfortunate loss suffered by this unwillingness to slow down is how easy it is to miss out on the core quality of this game, and mistakingly label it as a poorly constructed sequel.

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