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"And you do not find it odd in the slightest that so many Jedi refuse to be their open and helpful selves, instead dueling you?" Kaan laughed, backing up and raising his lightsaber above his head. His fingers gripped the lightsaber as the Mirialan began to circle the defending female. She continued her Soresu, keeping on the defensive. Kaan was not surprised, since many Jedi were defensive yet came out on top in duels. The most prominent of these had always been Master Kenobi, without a doubt.

Kaan was, however, still without answers to all the questions that were rushing through his mind. These questions ranged from the identity of the masked man wearing black to the Empire's intentions. If the Empire had sent her there to find and kill him, she would not do so with Soresu any time soon.

"How many of the Jedi you have 'saved' are still alive, youngling? Does the man in black have knowledge of where they go after they leave your mighty presence? Why would I be any safer out there than where I currently reside?" Master Lumen asked before rushing forwards once again, slashing his lightsaber downwards at the woman.

Meanwhile, the Mirialan unclipped his second lightsaber with the force and moved it behind his back. While the woman was preoccupied with the new attacks, the Jedi toned down the power of the second lightsaber into practice levels before igniting it and moving it to launch an attack from Ana's side.

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