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Kaan Lumen backflipped backwards from the new arrival and drew his second lightsaber to his grasp into a backhanded position. He placed himself into a ready pose while staring at the new arrival. He recognized the force swirling around her and recognized her face as well, neither of which made him any more comfortable with the situation he was in. His eyes narrowed and he continued to stare at the newcomer. The mention of 'Hunter Infromant Network' confirmed his suspicion about her to be more or less correct and it also made his questions about the black clad man disappear in an instant. It was widely known that the Sith Hunters were a sneaky group and one their most prominent members was by far the sneakiest in her affairs.

"Go with Ana or you will die" Kaan imitated in a mocking manner.
"Why do you Sith Hunters always have to be so dramatic. Sometimes you're worse than the Sith themselves" he told the woman and shook his head before deactivating his lightsabers and clipping them on his belt, standing back upright.

"Reibe Vailar, I presume" Kaan said and bowed his head down a tiny bit while not taking his eyes off the Sith Hunter.
"There will yet be a man who defeats you, Sith Hunter, and I will not live to see the day your smug attitude is washed away along with your facade of immortality. And why should I? The Force will guide me in the hour of need, not you nor Anahera and I have unfinished business on Tatooine. Why should I be scared of death in the hands of the Empire, when what awaits me is the Force?"

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