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hmm i havent had that happen to me and im using both saber battle x fot jk and saber battle x for mots,and they dont overwrite the models,at least not for me,the way i found that i could get it to work was to drop the gob inside the the jke folder alongside the jke gob.
chris has some screenshots of the lightsaber mod im using maybe he could upload some of them so you could see what im taking about.
with mots i was able to get the jke.gob to work in mots by renamaming it to goo and putting it in my jkm folder withat goo and editing a 2nd bat to work with the jkm folder.
i never really liked the saber ingame and the saber battle x mod was the one i enjoyed the most especially since it allowed me to turn off the saber and keep it in my hands.
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